Unique, Unusual, Handmade American Furniture

By John | Actively Buying

We go everywhere to buy unique, unusual, handmade American furniture.

Handmade Corner Cabinet from Virginia

Important: We are very selective about the furniture we’re currently buying. This is an example of unique, handmade, well-crafted, well-designed furniture we recently bought. We’re looking for furniture that is UNIQUE (see example photos), furniture we can not find in our area. 

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Folk Handmade Furniture and Folk Art. The handmade green armoire from coastal Georgia and the spool table made from sewing spools. The green medical cabinets qualifies as unusual.
Folk Hadmande Furniture and Folk Art

We pay fair prices

We buy all types of antiques; we are not just antique furniture buyers. Due to the volume of submissions, we can not respond to everyone.

NOTE: If your furniture submission does not meet our requirements you probably will not get a response. Brand name furniture is not hand-made it is manufactured.

When you have antiques to sell, we want you to think of us every time. By paying fair prices, sellers return to sell to us and they recommend us to friends and family. We reward you every step of the way if you sell to us or if you refer to us.

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