We are Estate Art BUYERS

By John | Actively Buying

Sep 22

We are avid buyers of original estate art: paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints (signed & numbered).  We buy estate art collections and single objects of art. We also buy old wood frames if they are well crafted. We will earn your business. There are many categories of estate art we buy. We are not bargain hunters.

Types of artwork we buy.

It feels good to let something go to someone who will appreciate it.

We're ready to earn your business. Make us an offer we can't refuse. You'll get our valuation guide and then some new ideas of we can buy from you.

Several items in one photo is fine. If we need additional detailed photos we'll ask for them later. (IMPORTANT: If you have any problems attaching photos, try texting.)


Paintings We buy all types of paintings, oil, watercolors, and acrylic. Signed paintings are best but we’re happy to look at unsigned paintings too. Unreadable signatures are not a problem. Any subject from traditional landscapes, still lifes, portraits, animals, and children are ok. We’re always happy to take a look. We also buy modern and contemporary paintings.

Portrait of a Man

Example of an Oil Portrait of a Man we would buy.

Sculptures We buy sculptures, bronze, iron, wood. We consider any type of sculpture. Signed sculptures are preferred but anonymous sculptures are fine.

Japanese Bronze Censer

Bronze Censer

Limited Edition Prints We buy limited edition prints from any era. A limited edition is the same as signed and numbered. Sometimes instead of a number “Artist Proof” or “Proof” is where the number should be. That is OK.

Limited Edition Print by Ellsworth Kelly, Signed and Numbered

Limited Edition Print by Ellsworth Kelly, Signed and Numbered

Frames We are buyers of old and antique frames. Finely crafted and handmade wood frames are what we primarily buy.

Originally the frame had photos of American Indians on the Exterior

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