Antique Hand Made Decoys

By Jimmy | We Buy American Folk Art

We avidly buy antique decoys. We will earn your business. There are many types of decoys ducks and geese being very desirable but decoys also include water fowl, and even crows.  Any old carved life size hand made animal is of interest. Original old paint increases our interest.  Decoys are a special vein of American folk art. We are folk art buyers, avidly buying decoys. We are not bargain hunters.

Types of collectible decoys we buy.

Duck Decoy We buy antique bird decoys but especially duck decoys. Signed or marked decoys greatly enhance the collectible desire of a decoy. Decoys we buy must be American, hand carved and preferably hand painted. Noted decoy artists are: A. Elmer Crowell, Cleon Stanley Crowell, Delbert Daisey, Ogden Pleissner, Ben Schmidt, Joe Lincoln, Walter Ruppel, Adam Anger, Addie Nichol, Alain MacDonald, Albert Laing, Art Chilton, Babe Strubinger, Bert Graves, Reagan Bob Kerr, Bert Lang, Damos, Bill Enright, Bill Goenne, Barney Crandell and Shang Wheeler.

Geese Decoy Geese decoys, also are highly sought. We pay top prices for geese decoys.
Crow Decoy Crow decoys are not as widely known as other birds but they are collectible. We are buyers for this type of decoy and any old well made hand crafted bird decoy.
Fishing Lures & Flies We buy antique fishing lures and flies. We are avid buyers for all types of old fishing equipment which typically includes rods, reels, tackle box, & tackle baskets.

Selling Decoy Terms:

  • We are not hunting for bargains
  • We pay fair prices
  • We want to earn your business

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