2 Easy Options: Buyers Near Me or Sell Online

About Us: We buy and sell old antiques, and vintage Americana online and in-person. We travel extensively to buy and sell old antique and vintage items. Those who’ve been successful selling to us have begun their search with “Buyers near me” or “sell online”; we accommodate both sellers. Start selling using Buyers.CASH. It’s easy and can all be done with your phone. We buy single objects of value or entire estates. When travel is not necessary we pay for transportation and shipping. If you are looking for a dealer “near me” we can travel or meet you. We’ve closed our shop and only sell at shows, auctions, and online. If you feel you must come to us an appointment is needed.

Darien, GA 31305
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday9:00 – 4:00

The photos below are from our old shop so you can get an idea of the type of things we bought and sold in the past.

  • Folk Hadmande Furniture and Folk Art
  • Various Examples of Southern Earthenware Pottery
  • Nautical Antiques
  • Primitive Furniture
  • Antique Furniture
  • Fine Antique Furnture
  • Ketucky Cabinet

What the media and others have written about us

New York Times Article that Changed our Lives

We’re most known for our lynching photography collection Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America

New York Times, CBS, ABC, CNN, CSPAN, NPR, Fresh Air, Atlanta Journal, Time Magazine, Time Review

We have an excellent reputation on on eBay our ID is We-Buy-Too.


Our reputation is more important than profiting unfairly

We are passionate about American history and culture; as a result, we have become very knowledgeable buyers. We’ve seen, and been offered countless fakes, forgeries, reproductions; each attempt has been an opportunity to learn. Mr. Allen was fortunate early in his venture of picking to meet dealers that appreciated his attention to detail and desire to learn the minutia of authentication. He gained notoriety for discovering American cultural artifacts, especially from the South. Eventually, his reputation opened doors to sell to the top museums, education institutions, and collectors in the United States.

  • Museums
    High, Smithsonian, Abbey Aldrich Rockefeller
  • Universities and Libraries
    South Carolina, Emory, Auburn, Cornell

Buyers Near Me vs Sell Online

People who have valuable items to sell often use these two phrases to get started. Buyers Near Me or Sell Online. It’s not a bad start but it’s not really the search result they want. Sellers would like to search for reputable, knowledgable, and fair dealers. When the Los Angeles Times wrote a profile on Mr. Allen the Pulitzer winning reporter was frustrated because he could not find anyone to say something derogatory about Mr. Allen. Mr. Allen offered to point him to disgruntled dealers, but the reporter (J.R. Moringer) declined.

Photos of successful “Buyers Near Me” and “Sell Online” searches.

Our terms to sell old items to us

  • We are not hunting for bargains.
    We will pay you well for something great.
  • We pay fair prices.
    We only ask that you truly want to sell and have a reasonable price in mind based on research.
  • We will earn your business.
    We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation of being trustworthy, knowledgable dealers. We’d rather have you come and sell us more than to unfairly profit off one sale.

We are not far from Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville, Hilton Head, Savannah, Brunswick, or Saint Simons Island. It’s easy for us to travel to these locations and of course all the locations in between. With a little more effort we can travel to south Florida, up the eastern seaboard, or to any southern state (Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.). We are open to traveling further, for notable collections or estates of noted collectors, historians, or antique dealers.