Painted Spool Table

By John | Buying Antique Furniture

Jul 04
Painted Spool Table

This sewing spool table is a great example of unique handmade furniture we buy.

We always buying unique handmade antique furniture.  The table has several characteristics we look for when we buy handmade antique furniture.

It feels good to let something go to someone who will appreciate it.

We're ready to earn your business. Make us an offer we can't refuse. You'll get our valuation guide and then some new ideas of we can buy from you.

Several items in one photo is fine. If we need additional detailed photos we'll ask for them later. (IMPORTANT: If you have any problems attaching photos, try texting.)

  • Painted furniture adds a special touch
  • Unique Design using spools which convey this came from someone who loved making things by hand.
  • The table is well crafted,  sturdy, made for everyday use and has an extra flair of artisanship.

We are not bargain hunters. We are happy to pay fair prices. By paying fairly we know you’ll come back and sell to us again.

If you have furniture that has the same characteristics as this spool table. We’d like to earn your business. The process is a simple three steps.

    1. Tell us what you have, and how we can contact you. Send photos.
    2. If we are interested or need additional information we’ll contact to discuss pricing. If it’s not something we are buying we’ll let you know. Don’t be discouraged you can always contact us again.
    3. We’ll arrange to ship or determine when we can come to pick up the item(s).

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