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Photo Album of Tate-Churchill Show Circus Freaks
Dec 04

Grandson Sells Photo Album from Asia with Circus Freaks

By John | We Buy Photos and Photo Albums , United States

We bought this photo album from the grandson of a “picker”. Grandparents can be great for finding things they want to sell. She did not recall much about purchasing the album. A quick search identified it as circus album of an American circus company that was based in Asia. The album was full of circus photos and sites and scenes from all the venues they visited in Asia.

A truly rare group of photos belonging to one of the performers of the Churchill and Taits Show which was based out of Manilla, or possibly to the Taits, themselves. From the mid-1920s.  Almost all the photos are identified as to the location in a meticulous hand, and some have short descriptions. 

Several photos are of a sympathetic, young man with long hair covering his entire face. Very similar to the earlier performer known as “Jo Jo, The Dog Boy.” There is an intimate quality to them. In two of the photos he is with a female companion or, possibly, his mother.  Also, there are two photos of Bertie, front and back, covered with tattoos. Also, “The Great Van Norman,  in his leap for life.”  A photo that will stop your breathing. The Van Norman  photo has the words “A Churchill and Tait Attraction.” Then there are two photos of “Jake Cox, Firediver and Smokediver.”  As well, “The Mysterious Blondell” with all his magic gear or appliances.  Also, the motorcycle rider, Gunboat Jack, in the “Silo-Drome” – The Wall of Death they call it on the internet.  The show promoters, as legible on a sign, offered anyone $100.00 if they could duplicate the feats of their riders.  There are more Carnival specific photos than I can post – about 18. Not to forget a few primitively painted sideshow tents. There are a good number of images of Tait folks touring or posing with the Taits, I believe.

The album has 178 photos or thereabout.  The balance of the album is pristine photos of the sights of South Asia, naturally, because of being based out of Manilla, there are images of temples, including the Snake Temple, spectacular historic buildings, boats, waterways and a number of photos focused on public gardens of a grand scale.

Some of the locations are: Beneres, India; Calcutta; Kuala, Lumpur; Taiping, Perak F.M.S.; Kowloon, Hong Kong; Soerabaja, Java; Bangkok, Thailand; Sumatra, W.C.; Penang, Malaysia.  All or most of these were the sites where the Churchill-Tait Attractions had shows.

Dimensions: The Album is 8.5” wide and 6.5” high and 2” thick.  The photos vary, from 4” X 6”  to   5.25 X 3 ⅜   to  2 1/8” X 3.25”.

Date: Mid 1920s.

Origin: Manilla

Condition: The photos are as mint as they come, the album was missing the front cover, the back cover has separated from the album. 

WWII German souvenir, letter, death telegram and photos.
Sep 14

Preserving Military Photos, Letters & Correspondence from Storage Unit Auctions

By John | We Buy Photos and Photo Albums , We Buy Military Memorbilia

We bought this collection of military items because it tells a meaningful story about military service during WWII.

WWII German souvenir, letter, death telegram and photos.
WWII German souvenir, letter, death telegram and photos.

When we buy military items we’re drawn to collections of numerous objects that illustrate military service. Often this includes photos, letters, audiotapes, and correspondence.

When we buy military items we’re drawn to collections of numerous objects that illustrate military service. Often this includes photos, letters, audiotapes, and correspondence.

Old Man Framed Photo
Sep 13

Vintage Photos & Photo Albums

By John | We Buy Photos and Photo Albums , Actively Buying , United States

We avidly buy vintage photos, photo albums and we pay for shipping.

We buy vintage photos and photo albums from ANY time period. We are vintage photo buyers of photography focused on historical events and interesting people.

  • Interesting People: For people there has to be something noteworthy about them newsworthy (activists, movement leaders, politicians, actors), notorious (criminals), infamous, unusually dressed, or odd characters.
  • Life in America: We also buy photo albums that tell a story or represent “life in the day”. Any work environments like stores, farms, and factories,
  • Social History Movements:  like labor, woman’s suffrage, civil rights, gay LGBT rights, & immigrant farm labor.

If your photos don’t seem like a good fit click to see all the other things we like to buy.

Selling Photography Terms:

  • We are not hunting for bargains.
  • We pay fair prices.
  • We want to earn your business.

We BUY from YOU!

  • Exotic Travel: Photos related to trips or travel especially exotic faraway places like Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Alaska, & Hawaii  the older the better.
  • Special Family Events: Photos about spectacular honeymoon trips to unusual locations.
  • Animals: Photos of wild animals or safaris
  • Civil Rights in America: Photos related to the civil rights movement, meetings, marches, protests, etc.
  • Women's Sufferage: Photos related to women's suffrage and the right to vote
  • Labor Movement: Photos related to the labor movement, farm later, immigrant labor
  • LGBT Civil Rights: 

We pay fair prices for photography

We buy all types of old, antique, and vintage photography. Real photo postcards (RPPC), photo albums, individual photos by noted photographers (i.e. Van Vechten) or just unique photos, cabinet cards, carte de visites (CDV), tintypes, and ambrotypes (glass).

When you have vintage photographs to sell, we want you to think of us every time. By paying fair prices, sellers return to sell to us and they recommend us to friends and family. We reward you every step of the way if you sell to us or if you refer to us.

We want to earn your business

We are avid photography buyers.   We constantly do research to understand current market prices. This research gives us the confidence to offer you a fair price. Once we come to an agreement we are responsible for the safety, storage, and marketing. You have become a successful picker.

Some people enjoy the experience so much they go out and look for more antiques. If that sounds like you; we're already looking forward to seeing your discoveries.