Savannah Picker finds Antique Southern Pottery Jar

By John | We Buy American Pottery

Sep 20

We bought this North Carolina stoneware jar from a Savannah picker. Here are some tips for picking southern pottery that you can sell to us.

Based on the color and glaze this most likely came form North Carolina or Georgia. It has some stylistic features of Isaac Lefever (1831-1864) who was a Lincoln County potterr. The maker of this storage jar may have studied under Lefever. Here’s an example of a signed Lefever piece on the website.

We are avid buyers of southern antique pottery. Contact us if you have old southern pottery you want to sell.

Antique Pottery Jar
Bottom showing age of pottery

High-Fired Glassy Ash Glaze

Look at the bottom for signs of age and use

Look for signatures or marks witch are typically on the handle or shoulder. Also check the bottom.

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