Valuable Chandler Maker Pottery from Edgefield, SC found in Daytona, FL Toolshed

By John | We Buy American Pottery

Sep 05
Candler Maker Pottery Edgefield SC

We bought this Chandler crock from a teacher who is a “picker” on the side. She offered to help a friend with an estate. She knew by looking at the bottom this was an old piece of pottery. A quick search identified it as Edgefield, South Carolina pottery. The crock was in perfect condition. We were thrilled when she called us; we paid her four figures for it.

Candler Maker Pottery Edgefield SC
Candler Maker Pottery Edgefield SC

We’re avid buyers of Edgefield, South Carolina pottery. We also buy pottery from ALL southern states. Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina are the states we typically buy from, but we’re always happy to look. If you have antique pottery to sell send us photos using the form on our website.

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